The Under 19 world championships commenced in 1988 with Australia, the U.S., Japan and Canada playing host. The championship tournament runs every four years. The U.S. has won all seven previous championships, but with two losses in the last U-19 worlds held in Turku, Finland, during the round-robin stage, signs of increased parody were showing.

Twelve nations attended the past two U-19 championships, with Australia, Bermuda, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Iroquois, Japan, Korea, Scotland, USA and Wales in 2008, and the Czech Republic and Netherlands replacing Bermuda and Japan in 2012’s event in Turku.

The last tournament was held in 2012 in Finland, with the United States defeating Canada in the championship final.

Canada has hosted a significant number of world lacrosse championships in recent years. The U-19 championship tournament event held in Coquitlam in 2008 was an overwhelming success and still comes up in conversation about what a great experience it was in Canadian an international lacrosse circles.

Tournament History

Year Location Winner
1988 Adelaide, Australia USA
1992 Long Island, USA USA
1996 Tokyo, Japan USA
1999 Adelaide, Australia USA
2003 Towson, USA USA
2008 Coquitam, Canada USA
2012 Turku, Finland USA

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